The only gluten is in the title

Pork and Chicken Terrine

This pork and chicken terrine became a family favourite when we had it at Christmas this year. It only takes 15 minutes to prep, then you let the cooker do the rest of the work. It makes a delicious starter or is great warmed through and served with salad for an easy lunch. It’s completely gluten free, it doesn’t contain any grains.


8oz streaky bacon

13oz boneless/skinless chicken

8oz minced pork

1 small onion

2 eggs

2 tbsp chopped parsley

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper


  1. Preheat an oven to 180°C.
  2. Arrange overlapping slices of the bacon over the base and sides of a 2lb loaf tin, allowing the edges to hang over the sides.
  3. Cut about 4oz of the chicken into strips (or enough to cover a layer of the loaf tin), for the middle layer of the terrine.
  4. Place the remaining chicken, pork mince and roughly chopped onion into a food proccesser and mix until fairly smooth.
  5. Add the eggs, parsley, salt and pepper to the meat mixture and mix again.
  6. Spoon half of the meat mixture into the loaf tin, followed by a layer of chicken and then the remaining meat mixture. Fold the overhanging bacon over the base of the terrine. Cover with a oiled pieces of tinfoil.
  7. Place the terrine in a roasting tin, pour in water until it is halfway up the sides of the loaf tin. Bake for around an hour or until the terrine is firm.
  8. Remove the terrine from the oven and immediately pour off any fat. Then allow to cool and serve.

Hope you enjoy this post, I’ll be back with more baking on Monday!


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