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Pizza and Tesco Free From Dough Mix

Finding out at age 10 that you can no longer eat pizza is pretty rubbish, especially when gluten free Pizza doesn’t even exist.  Thankfully over the years pizzas have improved so much.

At university it was great when Pizza Hut and Domino’s started doing gluten free pizzas, it meant that I could get a decent pizza with all my friends without feeling left out, its just annoying that there pizzas are so expensive compared to normal ones especially on a student budget. I spent a year living in Australia, Australian Pizza Hut pizzas, cost as little as £5 whether they are gluten free or not! It would be amazing if the prices could be the same here.

There’s a range of different frozen pizzas in supermarkets at the minute, my current favourite being Goodfella’s. For a change i decided to try the new Tesco Free From Dough Mix, read below to see how I got on.

Tesco Free From Dough Mix

  1. Follow the method on the dough packet to
    make it, its very straight forward. Adding water and oil to the flour mix, and forming into a dough which i did by hand. It only takes 2-3 mins.
  2. Roll out and leave in a warm place for 30 mins.
  3. Add toppings and bake for 15 mins.


IT WAS DELICIOUS! I was pretty surprised by how good it tasted, i baked it for a bit longer-more like 20 mins, as i didn’t want a soggy base. The base was really nice, crispy and light. I would definitely do this again as its pretty quick to make up as long as you have time to leave it for 30 mins.

The biggest plus to making pizza like this, is that I get to choose my toppings, whereas with the frozen gluten free pizzas its always the same 2 or 3 options. Its prefect for people wanting to make Pizzas for kids who are gluten free, or if your having friends round.


Has anyone else tried the mix yet? What are your thoughts on gluten free pizza? Drop me a comment or message!


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